Tender Fresh Greenery of Semboku, Akita prefecture
Part 1 - Farm Stay Inn Nodoka

Heartfelt Hospitality at the Farm Stay Inn Part 1

Surrounded by a peaceful countryside

A water wheel marks the inn and the rural landscape matches the name of this house as it is surrounded by peacefulness. Yukiko Takahashi is managing the inn and Keiko, Yukiko’s grandmother, supports Yukiko with the farming and cooking. You will find warm hospitality at this inn.
Pre-dinner I took a walk around the neighborhood. Rice planting was at its peak and the water stretched over the paddies reflected the scenery like a mirror. I felt purified.

The landmark is a water wheel
Rural landscape near the inn
The mountain in the back is well kept

Grandma’s cooking

Dinner will be served on a four-legged tray. The dinner is seasonal dishes that use edible wild plants picked from the mountain in the back. Boiled bracken vivid with color, freshly dug raw bamboo shoots, Akita butterbur stuffed with meat and a hot pot of mountain yam makes you want to ask for seconds.

The tray filled with seasonal dishes
A portion of the yam hotpot
The round yam used in the hot pot
Homemade smoked pickles

Providing an “as is” experience

Before opening the farm stay inn, the owner accepted educational tours. Following the passing of her husband, she was approached to open an inn and operation began in 2010. Recently there has been an increase in guests for educational tours from foreign schools, agricultural training for foreign governments and Muslim guests. You would think that she would worry about the language barrier or difference in food culture however she said that it is important that she offers an “as is” lifestyle with a relaxed stance.

Keiko Takahashi and her grandchild Yukiko

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